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Don't wait for your next water bill, start to save today!


It simply doesn't matter if you are a budget-wise parent, owner of a small business or manager of a huge international hotel - savings are needed everywhere. Especially if you can save so valuable commodity as WATER and reduce your EXPENSES at the same time.

When you decrease volume of heated water you use, you are saving an energy which is used for water heating. And that could be a lot of money.

Global Commerce Ltd. brings you that option as an exclusive distributor of WATERSAVERS products. Patented series of products include Lime Proof Flow-Restrictor for taps, shower faucets and Automatic Toilet Flow Reducers to improve quality of life with the highest possible savings.

 Use of our easy to install products will result in savings of water up to 70%.


Developed and designed by Czech engineers. It has been tested and successfully used all over Europe for more than 7 years with incredible results. The highest quality and longevity is GUARANTEED BY 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Lifetime of products is 20 years and more with no special requirements on maintanance.

Just savings, no magic.


WATERSAVERS are ideal for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, production facilities, schools, spas, sports centres and so on. In addition they can COUNTERBALANCE HIGH OR LOW WATER PRESSURE.

Each time you hear the sound of water you are actually SAVING MONEY, WATER & ENERGY, with no sacrifice in comfort, usage and flow. Customer feel and see no difference in usage. Adjusts to optimum flow rate by avoiding wastage to experience savings instantaneously.

Products offer a small investment with return in just a few months.

However, reduced costs are FOREVER!



Solution for households

  • Are you tired of paying a lot of money for water?
  • Do you have problems with water pressure?
  • Do you want to get back the comfort of showering or bathing?
  • Or would you like to reduce your water consumption and contribute toward preserving water sources for future generations?


We have a solution for all of these problems! You need WATERSAVERS flow restrictors.


The flow restrictors are designed for basins, sinks, showers, and toilets. They work by sparkling the water with air, reducing the flow of water, and partial optical illusion. This can reduce water consumption by up to half without any reduction in comfort.

We will double every single cubic meter of water!


WATERSAVERS have come out with a revolutionary innovation in this field – the restrictors are adjustable to different flow rates and thus can be set to optimal combination of savings and comfort. Costumers in the most luxurious hotels are satisfied with them and you will surely be too. 

 Water flow restrictors designed for basins and sinks offer flow rates from 4 to 14 litres per minute, instead of the 18 l/min. 

The flow rate of a typical shower is about 20-25 litres/min; with a flow restrictor it is only 8, 10, 12 or 14. With identical effect and comfort!

In toilets there is great potential for savings when flushing, where instead of the usual 10 litres only around 3 litres are used per flush.

Settings can be changed at any time and every user can do it by himself. Same with the flow restrictor installation. The flow restrictors do not require any special maintenance and can withstand all common cleaning agents and disinfections.

An appropriate setting of a flow restrictor will solve problems with low or high water pressure. Also, thanks to special anti-lime technology, the faucet will remain lime free.

The purchase of water flow restrictors is an investment that will be returned in a matter of weeks or months. You will start saving immediately after installation and in the first year the investment will be returned many times. We provide a five-year guarantee for the flow restrictors and their service life is 20 years or more.

Reduce the water consumption of your household by up to 50 %, gain optimal water pressure, and get rid of lime with WATERSAVERS. You will use water efficiently and with the feeling of a full flow, which, thanks to the sparkling, will be pleasing to the touch.


Schools, universities & kindergartens

Did you know that a single student uses around 30-50 litres of water per day?  If you are looking for a way of reducing the water consumption in your educational facility, we have a solution.


Thanks to WATERSAVERS flow restrictors for sinks, toilets, and showers, you will save up to 50 % in costs of water and energy for heating. The money that would otherwise slip through your fingers can than be better spent elsewhere.

The unique and patented technology, which combines flow control with water sparkling, makes it easy. Using the flow restrictors doesn’t negatively affect the user and thanks to their easy adjustability you can effortlessly choose how big you want your savings to be. This can also be used to balance problems with too high or too low pressure.

The flow restrictors are easy to install, they don’t require any special maintenance, and thanks to special materials, they are resistant to lime scale. A five-year warranty testifies to the quality.

The flow restrictors are already in use in thousands of buildings, including schools, universities, kindergartens, and even dormitories. In many cases, the equipment of the building became a part of ecological projects of individual schools, or national and even international school ecological competitions.

Be a good example to children and show them how to effectively and sparingly manage limited water supplies.


Solutions for hospitals

Are you in charge of a medical facility and looking for a way of making it more effective?


A negligible investment into water flow restrictors can maximize the efficiency of water usage in the whole building and solve multiple problems simultaneously. 

Do you have:

  • High hot and cold water consumption in the whole building?
  • Problems with water pressure?
  • Hygienically inadequate faucets with lime where the bacteria reproduce?


The solution: WATERSAVERS flow restrictors.


They bring:

  1. Reduction in costs of water and energy for heating without loss of comfort.
  2. The ability to set the flow of water according to your needs.
  3. Negligible and rapidly recoverable investment with enormous results.
  4. Simple installation that anyone can manage
  5. Five-year warranty, 20 years or more of service life.

The return on investment with this type of building is a matter of weeks or months. The whole building will save up to 40 %. During the five-year warranty period, the investment will be returned many/hundred times over.

The flow restrictors are adjustable – you can decide for yourself how much you want to save. Selecting the optimal flow may additionally balance possible problems with too low or too high water pressure.

The flow restrictors are anti-lime – the use of special materials and unique design prevents lime scale. Lime is a breeding ground for bacteria which might be life threatening (e.g. Legionella).

The flow restrictors are very resilient – they are made from top quality materials that can withstand all kinds of disinfection, sterilization, and heat up to 180 °C.

Several hundred medical facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, hospices, and even Ministries of Health are using our flow restrictors.


Solutions for Hotels and other accommodation facilities

There are many cost-cutting measures available to hotels and other accommodation facilities, but we have a solution that actually works. You can achieve up to 50% savings in water and energy for heating – we will double every cubic meter of water. Changes are noticeable immediately after installation. 

Our solution is the installation of WATERSAVERS flow restrictors for basins, sinks, showers, and toilets. 


An average customer of a four-star hotel uses around 150 litres per day. With the flow restrictors you can drastically reduce this number without limiting the user comfort. If you already have other saving devices in place, we guarantee you will still see significant savings.

The flow restrictors’ uniqueness lies in effortless adjustable flow rate. Therefore you can decide for yourself how much you want to save.

Sinks can have their flow reduced from the usual 18 litres/minute down to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 l/min. The usual flow in showers is 20-25 l/min; the flow restrictors can decrease it to 8-14 l/min and the user will not even be able to tell the difference. In toilets, the flow restrictors prevent the user from using up the whole water tank with every flush so he or she uses only the amount of water that is actually required. They can even be installed in economical system Geberit for combined effect.

Thanks to optimal settings of water flow restrictors you will not only achieve radical savings on water and heating energy, but also solve problems with too low or too high water pressure, which only takes away from the customers’ comfort.

The products are easily installed on all commonly available types of faucets, showers, and toilets. The flow restrictors do not require any special maintenance and thanks to unique anti-lime technology, they are resistant to lime scale. They will withstand all common and aggressive cleaning agents, disinfections, sterilizations, and they can withstand heat up to 180 °C.

As proof of superior quality, we provide a five-year guarantee for our flow restrictors.


WATERSAVERS flow restrictors are used in hundreds of hotels around Europe and beyond. Even the most luxurious hotels and accommodation facilities use them. The installation of our flow restrictors always results in maximum savings and customer comfort.


Solutions for office blocks and buildings

 Do you run a small office or a multi-storey commercial building?

 Do you know how high water and energy prices are?

With us you can achieve 20-60% savings!


The unique and patented technology, which combines flow control with water aeration, makes it easy. Thanks to easy adjustability of the flow restrictors you can choose how big you want your savings to be. It can also be used to balance problems with too high or too low pressure.

WATERSAVERS products bring reduction in costs of water and energy for heating without loss of comfort. The ability to set the flow of water according to your needs and simple installation is what no other products can offer. Five-year warranty and 20 years or more of service life is the "cherry on the top".

Rapidly recoverable investment with enormous results.

That's our offer.




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